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With Linknexus, publishers get direct access to various sources of advertising demand, allowing them to monetise their full inventory and creating an automated revenue stream.

Each publisher is supported by a dedicated account manager and technical resources to ensure their success.

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InApp CPMs

Traffic Monetisation

LinkNexus provides audience monetisation technology and consultancy to help maximise profits for both paying and ad-supported users by connecting you with demand from leading players in video. We aim to deliver the most relevant audience for our partners and the in-turn can provide high CPMs.

What makes us unique is that we worked with most of the industry-leading platforms and we have the know-how to scale your earnings in 30 days. With a transparent pricing model and one month free to try our service we mean business.

Ad Monetisation

Add incremental revenue from your video inventory on InApp and CTV. We work with the likes of Google Ad Exchange and direct agencies.

Content Partnership

Tap into our network of content distribution partners to add more content to your existing apps. From animations to full blown Hollywood blockbusters, we can source more content for your apps.

Video Syndication

Easy-to-integrate video syndication - via our partner players, SDK, or tag - distributed across top properties and DSPs to drive engagement, viewability and completion rates in order to earn off-site revenues optimised for viewer interest or semantic relevance.


We provide a full reporting suite for publishers. You are able to check yield in close to real time and optimise your placements to align better demand, or we can do this on your behalf..

Are you maximising your audiences?

We are specialists of generating outstanding ROI for publishers, focusing on strengthening their business results.

If you are interested in booking a FREE consultation with one case in point, maximise your yield, do get in touch.

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